Michael Melton Chiropractic News ReporterMichael Melton

Michael Melton has been creating quality content on chiropractic care since 1993. As CEO of, he seeks to increase public understanding of the benefits of natural health and chiropractic wellness. His efforts to educate patients have resulted in multiple online videos, DVDs, presentations, and three books including The Complete Guide to Whiplash. See a full list of Michael Melton’s articles for here.


Marissa Luck Chiropractic NewsMarissa Luck

In addition to writing articles on the latest chiropractic research for, Marissa Luck is also the Content Director for and She frequently combs through academic journals to bring you the most relevant, timely research on chiropractic care. She also has the pleasure of assigning stories, editing work from our other great writers, and creating scripts for our unique chiropractic videos. She graduated from The Evergreen State College with an emphasis in social sciences.See Marissa Luck’s articles for here.


Kelly Johnson Chiropractic NewsKelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson keeps you up-to-date on news related to chiropractic care and natural wellness. As a writer for,  she aims to make scientific research approachable and understandable for patients seeking to gain more information about their health concerns. When not educating patients about chiropractic and natural health, Kelly also writes about marketing research and parenting. See Kelly Johnson’s work here.


Megan Churchwell Chiropractic NewsMegan Churchwell

Megan Churchwell has been covering a broad-range of health and personal-injury issues since 2005. When writing for, Megan covers current research related to chiropractic care, natural medicine, back pain, and more. She has a B.A. in history and M.A. from the University of Washington in Seattle. See Megan Churchwell’s work for here.



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