VIDEO: Relieving Knee Pain Without Surgery

As we age, our knees begin to show signs of wear and tear. Studies show that an increasing number of middle-aged people are seeking total knee-replacement surgery. While there have been improvements in surgical techniques, the procedure is still invasive and costly. Fortunately, early conservative treatment may allow patients to avoid the potential risk of joint replacement surgery.

Research suggests that chiropractic adjustments can benefit patients with knee pain from osteoarthritis. In one study, patients who received chiropractic knee adjustments reported significant drops in pain intensity and less click and grinding sensations. They were also better able to perform daily tasks with enhanced mobility. The chiropractic patients also reported no adverse side effects. Patients who did not receive chiropractic adjustments did not have the same benefits.

Chiropractors can assist osteoarthritic patients in restoring normal joint alignment and gait, reducing inflammation, and finding the appropriate activities to promote flexibility and mobility.

If you have chronic knee pain as a result of osteoarthritis, contact a chiropractor to learn more about non-surgical methods to slow down joint degeneration and reduce pain.