Video: Chiropractic Helps Kids with Chronic Conditions

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New research suggests that more families are turning to chiropractic to help their children improve their health. A recent study from the journal Pediatrics surveyed 900 parents of children with various chronic conditions.

In one group of parents, 71% of children had received some form of alternative therapy like chiropractic. In fact, chiropractic was one of the most common complementary therapies used, along with massage, relaxation, and aromatherapy.

Families faced with managing chronic conditions often grow wary of relying too heavily on drugs, surgery, and invasive procedures. That’s why many parents seek natural, safe solutions for their child’s health. Studies show chiropractic can ease symptoms in kids with chronic pain, in addition to improving their overall wellness.

A chiropractor can help your child lead the healthy life they deserve.


Adams D, et al. Complementary and alternative medicine use by pediatric specialty outpatients. Pediatrics 2013; doi: 10.1542/peds.2012-1220.

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