Yoga Effective for De-stressing Moms-to-Be, Study Finds

Being pregnant and knowing that your world is about to change can create a lot of stress for a woman. It often brings about a decent amount of anxiety about doing the right things and making sure you have everything your little one is going to need to not only survive, but thrive.

Although it is normal for any expecting mother to feel this way, too much stress on her not only decreases her quality of life, but it can also have lasting effects on her baby as well (as stress can increase the likelihood of a premature birth or low-birth weight). Fortunately, there appears to be a solution as recent research suggests that yoga can help take the edge off, putting both mother and child in a more relaxed and healthier state.

Yoga - The Anti-Anxiety Medication

One study involved 59 women who had low-risk pregnancies. Each one was asked to complete a questionnaire about her state of mind, whether or not she had anxiety associated with the pregnancy, and if she felt depressed. From there, the women were randomly assigned to one of two different groups. The first group had what they termed 'treatment-as-usual' and the second group engaged in eight weeks of yoga. Yoga became the clear winner when it comes to mental health.

Participants who engaged in two months of yoga noticed positive effects from after the first course (by around 14%) and all the way through the entire time frame. This points to this particular fitness method that incorporates mindful breathing and long, slow stretches as a great method by which to help expectant mothers reduce their anxiety about their new life that lies ahead.

Chiropractic care can further enhance the quality of the experience by helping pregnant women combat the pelvic and low-back pain that often accompanies carrying a child, as well as by reducing the stress on the back in general. Research suggests that up to 85% of pregnant women can experience back pain relief with chiropractic care. So, a health regimen that incorporates both yoga and chiropractic adjustments is a great way for women to have an enjoyable, happy pregnancy as they evolve into the joys of motherhood.


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